Certified Nursing Assistants-CNA

Your Medical Career Starts Here!

Your Medical Career Starts Here

The Certified Nursing Assistant program prepares you for a fulfilling career and state certification as a Certified Nursing Aide and a CPR/BLS certificate. The CNA certification can be a stepping stone to other jobs in healthcare. It’s a great place to start your medical career. The program combines theory, hands-on training, and an internship putting our students at the forefront of technology and expertise. Our program offers daytime and evening classes to fit busy schedules. The course consists of i4o total hours: 120 hours in the classroom lecture and hands-on training sods 2o-hour internship of clinical training at local nursing homes. Upon successfully completing the CNA course, students will receive a temporary license and be eligible to pursue employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant while they wait for the State Certification Exam. Our student population is diverse and multicultural. However, doss and certification are in English, and therefore English proficiency is required. Limited support for Spanish speakers is available.

Topics covered

• Activities of Daily Living • Basic Nursing Skills • Restorative Skills • Emotional and Mental Health Needs • Spiritual and Cultural Needs • Communication • Client Rights • Legal and Ethical Behavior • Member of the Health Care Team

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